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Outside of Tonopah
In Round Mountain 89045
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Round Mountain Chiropractic Clinic

Thank you for choosing Integrated Spinal Solutions for your chiropractic care. We have two clinics in the Reno area, and now, one in Round Mountain near Tonopah. Our practice includes spinal decompression, traditional chiropractic adjustment, electronic muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, and massage... See Google map below.

30 Electrum Blvd
Round Mountain, NV 89045

775 829-8686

Relief in Round Mountain
Our doctors have vast experience in treating all types of patients either recovering from an injury more
Round Mountain Massage
Angelique Callegari LMT is now available for all types of massage including sports massage, deep tissue, pregnancy etc., at this Reno Nevada chiropractic more

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We know how bad you must be feeling and we want to get you in as soon as possible. Call now, no matter what the time is. If we're out of the clinic for lunch, or closed for the day or weekend, leave a message. You'll be first in line in the morning.
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