Migraine Headache Pain?

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Chiropractic Patient Comment

TESTIMONIAL:: "The first time I was adjusted was when I was six years old. I was having terrible headaches and my mother was an early believer in chiropractic. I will never forget how loud it sounded when the doctor adjusted my neck for the first time. I remember it not just because of the noise, but because it stopped my headaches for the rest of my childhood." -- DD, Reno, Nv.

Afraid To Be Adjusted??

If you have never been adjusted, don't be afraid. We are only putting things back where they belong. It may sound scary to hear your bones crack, but actually, after your are adjusted once, your fear will be gone, and you will be a chiropractic fan for life.

So what is an adjustment anyway? It is a simple application of gentle-force, applied to the spine, to place those vertebra back where they belong.

Patients with chronic headaches are treated with cervical decompression therapy, (learn about cervical decompression), and they may also get "adjusted" manually by the doctor. When your doctor adjusts your neck, they are focusing on 7 specific vertebra, (learn about the cervical spine) all you need to do during the procedure is RELAX! (tensing up is bad)

If you have a pain in the middle back, you have something wrong with your "thoracic" spine. That's the 12 bones that make up your rib cage, and that attach to your neck and lower back. Stretching shouldn't hurt; sharp pains between the shoulder blades are caused by a "subligation" or pinching of the nerves in your back. Your chiropractor can easily correct this problem with a simple adjustment. You can be pain free in literally seconds.

Is adjusting the end all, best thing in the world? No. We do not always adjust a patient. Sometimes in serious situations, adjusting a patient can actually make it worse, so in cases like that, a patient is given a series of treatments called Spinal Decompression. Gravity works to pull your spine slowly apart. Depending upon the severity of your injury, you may need 3 - 10 treatments to get you back to 100%.

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