Chronic Migraine Pain?

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What about Migraine Headaches?

Your life, with a migraine, is a living hell. This author knows. Nothing can help, not pills, not ice, sleep, nothing... until now. There is something you can do about your migraines, and it's called chiropractic.

Chiropractic Treatment For Migraines

If you or a family member gets migraine headaches, you have to know up front, that this condition, may get worse without treatment. Medication can not help a migraine patient get rid of migraines, it only covers up the pain for a while, until the pill wears off, and then you need another one, etc. until your doctor says, "why are you taking so many pills?" Well, you're taking all those pills because your migraine won't go away. No matter what you do, it's there, poking you in the eye. (take a breath) You may have to take medication for those migraines for the rest of your life, or you may be able to reduce the amount you have to take, if you consider chiropractic.

I know what your are going through. Migraines can ruin your life. They ruin holidays, vacations, special nights with your spouse. You are tired of messing around with meds that don't always work. All you want is something that can stop the constant pain, am I right?... I found it. It's chiropractic.

I'm not saying chiropractic is going to end your migraine headache for good, but, you know what? It might! You might actually go in, get adjusted, and never have another migraine again. Or, if you are like most people, you will go in for an adjustment, and get immediate relief, but eventually get another migraine down the road because of stress, lack of sleep, or whatever trigger you have. The real quest here, is finding a way to lessen the pain you get when you get a migraine. Can you make that three month migraine, only last a week or so, or can you turn that pain level 10 into a 2. You can with several new chiropractic techniques available at ISS in Reno.

The first option is cervical spine decompression. This is where counter weights are applied to your neck that gently pull your pinched neck bones apart to allow oxygen to enter between the bones (which promotes rapid recovery). Cervical decompression is the latest advance in migraine therapy. Even medical doctors are recommending it for their patients with chronic migraine cluster headaches.

In a recent study, some migraine headaches were linked to misalignment of the jaw bones. You might even have heard of the condition: TMJ. According to that study, realigning the jaw, and maintaining that alignment, can reduce frequency of migraines.

Of course, we offer all of these migraine treatments, as well as traditional chiropractic therapy to help you manage -- that's a good word -- manage your migraines better. -- ZD- Reno, NV

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