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What is the Price of Chiropractic Care?

The price of your treatment will vary so the best advice I can give you is to call the office nearest you, and ask what a visit for your situation would cost. Usually it's a third of the cost of a family doctor, or a quarter of a specialist. Best estimate, less than $100.00, but most likely closer to $50. (We accept MasterCard and Visa)

Wanna feel 10 Years Younger?

When you consider the cost of chiropractic care, you have to actually consider all the benefits. Of course you know when you have an aligned spine, your blood is flowing, and your body is communicating with your limbs better, but there is another added benefit people forget, that's "youthful mobility."

You have no idea how awesome you can feel after a session of spinal decompression. You can seriously feel like you've turned back the clock. Patients have gone from utter pain, to running and jumping, and LAUGHING all the way out of treatment. So what is the cost of chiropractic? What should it cost to feel 10 years younger? -- well, it's not that much.

Contact the offices of Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno, and ask about the price for chiropractic treatment. Remember, a visit to the chiropractor is one of the best things you can do for your health, and it's one of the cheaper medical procedures out there.

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