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Family Chiropractic in Reno

Without a properly functioning spine, your quality of life quickly deminishes. That goes for you, your spouse, and your children. We all want our families to have the best health possible, to be able to live a long happy life, free from pain, so we feed them the best we can, take them to the dentist (hopefully) once a year, but somehow, a lot of us forget about a healthy spine.

Why Family Chiropractic Care

"Oh, my back hurts, I need to go to the chiropractor!" -- Well, it's nice you think of the chiropractor when your hurting, but did you ever consider preventive medicine? Your back didn't just start hurting outta nowhere. You've been living with a pain here, and a pinch there for some time. Go ahead, admit it, no one is watching... If you had come in, say a month or even three months ago, you'd be out living it up, out on the town, but no. You're home trying to find a good chiropractor. Thankfully, you have found one.

The reason ISS posted this page was their interest in informing you about why you and your family should all get regular chiropractic treatments. And it's true. Just think of what can happen if you never ever took the kids to the chiropractor, and you find out, when they're 20, a childhood injury, has lead to a life of pain. Or what if you thought that you had to live with that non-stop backache, "because it's been hurting so long there's no way anything can help but my pills".. and then to find out that spinal decompression can actually repair that non-stop backache (right there in front of the whole family). It's embarassing, I know.

So, admit it, you change the oil in your car more often than your adjust your spine. You get your teeth cleaned, and some of you even colon cleanse, whatever that is. What we all seem to forget to do, is a little preventative medicine on our necks and backs. So here is the recommendation of a lifetime. Every few months, at least twice a year, everyone should be examined and possibly adjusted by a chiropractor you can trust. The best way to know if you are happy with ISS chiropractic doctors is to get to know them yourself. Make an appointment today at one of our clinics and see for yourself why ISS is a family chiropractic center. You, and you family are always welcomed together; ask about special family rates.

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