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How Safe Is Chiropractic Care?

Thank you for considering chiropractic care. We know you may have some questions about chiropractic, and this page is created just for you. Here are some "real statistics":: in the year 2012, 198,000 Americans died while in the hospital as a result of medical errors, zero deaths were reported from chiropractic care in the same year. The total number of people who have died from chiropractic care, since its creation more than 80 years ago, is 26. You can read more about chiropractic safety on this page published by the Chiropractic Association of America

So, Is Chiropractic Safe?

Safer than most medical procedures, but there is risk. Our doctor's are all Doctor's of Chiropractic, all highly skilled, and very experienced. We have the latest advances in chiropractic care, ie: Spinal Decompression for both the lower back and cervical regions of the spine. These state-of-the-art therapies have reduced the chance of injury, and improved the quality of treatment.

Chiropractic is so accepted today, that doctors - regular doctors of medicine - (who for years made quacking noises from behind trees as chiropractors were trying to tee off) are now referring their patients to chiropractors and vice-versa. It is very common for a chiropractor to refer patients to specialists, and for family doctors to recommend chiropractic, or decompression therapy for low back pain.

So I guess the answer to your question, as to whether chiropractic is safe, the answer is "safer than it's ever been, and safer than most medical procedures". At Integrated Spinal Solutions, we are very aware of your safety during every chiropractic procedure. Our attention is on you, and your medical situation, and we do our utmost to treat your condition with all the care we would give to our own family.

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