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What's All This Spinal Decompression Stuff?

You can imagine how excited everyone was back in the stone age when someone (I think his name was Ock) invented the wheel. Everyone was like, Wow, Ock! A wheel.. what's it for? The same thing's going on now with spinal decompression. People are like, "Wow, Doc! What's that thing!"

Facts about Spinal Decompression

I'll spare you the who invented it and all that boring information, and I'll get right into the meat of this "spinal decompression". It's a new chiropractic treatment machine, and it relieves all the pressure you have on your spine for about a half hour. After a couple of treatments, your back problems improve.

You might have said to yourself, you're not as young as you used to be. It's probably because your moving a little slower now. Well, you have to put it into perspective. You have been walking around, pounding your feet everywhere you go for many a year now. That pounding goes right to your lumbar region, every step, presses it down a little more. And you - the one who sits for hour after hour in a chair typing - you have compressed your spine into a strange pretzel shaped mess that even Willie Wonka wouldn't cover in chocolate. Then there's the gravity, the force of gravity pressing down on you all the time. The result? Your spine gets compressed down on itself like a trash compactor, which is bad, because there's a lot of arteries, and nerve endings in there. When they get pinched, you hurt.

Spinal decompression uses the same force of gravity - in reverse. It is a pain free way to relieve the pressure on your spine, and to allow oxygen to get in there, which promotes growth of new healthy tissue. You might have seen that commercial with the 76 year old man jumping up and down about his Teeter hangup. Those are basically the same thing, only not as good as professional decompression therapy. However, this chiropractic office does say the home version does work in basically the same way, and is better than nothing at all.

In the home version of decompression you lock your feet in to a table and flip upside down. Spinal decompression is very different. Here's what they do to you. First they clip your hips into a belt, and attach that to the decompression table. Next they attach that belt to the decompresson machine, and set a counter weight based on your weight and stage of your injury. The machine slowly applys weight to your lower spine; slowly stretching for about 30 minutes. It is an amazing experience for anyone suffering with low back pain. Some have said, "they feel 10 years younger!"

This treatment may be repeated as often as necessary, most patients get about 10 treatments to regain full mobility. You can schedule an appointment with ISS right now and begin feeling the benefits of spinal decompression yourself.

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