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30 minute treatment ends sciatica.
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What is causing my Sciatica?

You are sitting there, minding your own business, when suddenly.. something, that feels like lightning shoots through your hip down one side of your leg. That's "sciatica". You see, there is a nerve in your lower back that runs through your hip called a sciatic nerve when it gets pinched, you know it.

The Real Causes of Sciatica

I remember my grandfather used to yell out, "Ah, my sciatica" then he would swing his cane around trying to hit all of us kids. I never really knew what that was until one day, it happened to me. I was just sitting there working at my desk, when the worst pain ever shot down my left leg. I had weird tingling around my hip and when I tried to walk, OMG! I called the chiropractor right away.

My chiropractor suggested decompression therapy for the pain. I had been sitting too long and had aquired a bone spur right next to my sciatic nerve. You can get one too from a herniated disc as well.

Sciatic nerve pain is very intense, some call it burning, other shooting, all agree, medication does not help. Nothing but realignment of the spine can help the pain, or inflammation associated with sciatica.

Usually patients suffering from sciatica are in severe pain. Chiropractic treatment can, in most cases, relieve the pressure placed upon the nerve with just a few spinal decompressive treatments, most patients recover within a few weeks. If that doesn't work, you may have to consider surgery to remove excess buildup around the nerves.

Let's take a look at your situation. Come into ISS for an introductory exam. We'll shoot some x-rays, and see where you stand. There's a good chance we can fix that sciatica. Call the number above for an appointment.

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