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Additional Therapies for Degenerative Arthritis

What you can do to relieve arthritis pain

If you are suffering with arthritis, just looking at your computer keyboard can send you running. (Don't worry we'll all be talking to our computers soon enough). But, thank you for looking at this web page about alternative therapies available to you. Yes, there are medications, but some of them have been accelerating the degenerative process.

Report says NSAIDs (pain relievers) bad for arthritis

Some NSAID's may make your arthritis worse. These NSAID medications have been linked to acetabular bone destruction, and it has been linked to accelerated joint space loss. Over use of NSAID can cause serious medical issues including heart failure, renal or liver problems, ulcers, and even hypertension. This page was created to help people like you find additional therapies for your arthritis pain.

Ask your family doctor about NSAID medications, and how best to manage your transistion from NSAID's to other pain meds.


Lose Weight or Not?

Can eating the right foods help with degenerative arthritis? Yes it can! Being overweight is known to increase your risk factor for osteoarthritis. Are you overweight? Check this body mass table to see where you measure up. If you find yourself overweight, it's best not to starve yourself to lose that extra weight. Eat a diet heavy in vegetable and protein, limit your sugar intake, and eat at least 5 meals per day. This will speed up your system, and burn more calories. Losing 11 pounds, and keeping it off for more than 10 years will decrease your osteoarthritis by over 50%.

Stop Eating Tomatos? Oh no!

Did you know that tomatos have natural toxins in them that can cause swollen joints? And it's not only tomatos (tomatoes), but bell peppers, hot, or sweet peppers, and (white) potatoes all cause problems with some sensitive people. Avoid these foods for more than six months and you will feel an improvement in your arthritis pain level.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I know, the last thing you want to do when you are stiff, if to get out an move around. But the longer you sit there, wringing your hands, the worse you're going to feel. You've heard, a body in motion stays in motion... keep sitting there like a rock, and you'll become one.

Remember Jack Lalanne or Fran Carlton? They were workout gurus of the 1960's. Fran worked out with a broom believe it or not, and Jack, did pushup on chairs - he lived to be 97. We have to do whatever we can to avoid inactivity. If you want the pain to stop, you've gotta move. The worst thing you can do is be immobile. I know you've been thinking about going to Tai Chi Chuan - that's a good idea.

And don't tell me, "Oh, I can't walk everyday, my arthritis is too bad." Just so you know, people like you suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee actually lessened their pain levels after instituting a daily dose of walking.

Acupuncture Does Not Hurt

Ancient remedy relieves arthritis pain

The thought of letting someone stick a few hundred needles sounds like some sick torture. It's not. It's actually the oldest form of medicine on the planet. Acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are very thin and go in without the least bit-a-pain. It cannot reverse the condition, but it can provide temporary pain relief in patients suffering with arthritis.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapist has vast experience in treating both the MPS and FMS patient with acupressure, dry needling, manual techniques, exercise, and modalities. more
Time for a Massage Isn't It?
Angela Callegari has over 700 hours of extensive training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Sports Massage. Her customized massage sessions are designed more

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