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I have gone to the chiropractor my whole life for treatment of migraine headaches. So I know about chiropractic better than most. I have had good chiropractors in the past, and I have had terrible ones, so when I come across someone that is talented and knows what they are doing, I go all out to make sure they are properly represented online.. hence this page. So the question at hand is, "What is an adjustment going to accomplish anyway?

Chiropractic Adjustments

The first time I got an adjustment I was 6 years old, I'm over 50 now so that was a long time ago. I still remember the sound of the crack when the doctor adjusted me. I continued to go to have my neck adjusted monthly for about a year or so. My migraines went away for the most part, and I was able to live a fairly normal life otherwise.

So what was my doctor trying to do back then? He was adjusting my cervical vertebra so it did not impinge on any nerves. When your cervical bones are "out" someone needs to "put them back". By the way, the term "outta place" is just a figure of speech. What we really mean is, your vertebra is pinching a nerve ending in your neck or back, and you are feeling pain.. "outta place" is just easier to say.

The spine is composed of 24 individual segments and is dynamic in nature, meaning it is designed to move. The spine is held together by connective tissues; ligaments, tendons and muscles. Under magnification these tissues appear as wavy parallel fibers (fig. 1). Adhesions (Scar tissue) can form as a result of injury or chronic stress reducing tissue elasticity (fig. 2).

The loss of elasticity can alter the motion of the joint (fig. 3). The altered movement and loading eventually result in inflammation and degenerative joint disease (fig. 4). Clinically, this will present as achy pain or stiffness. Left unchecked, faulty joint mechanic s will lead to full blown osteoarthritis.

Our approach to spinal care centers on the principal of remodeling the underlying adhesions or scare tissues which restore proper spinal movement and derails the degenerative cascade. The adjustment quickly loads the damaged area and causes disruption of the scar fibers. New fibers are laid down randomly, some of which align themselves correctly.

Repeatedly disrupting the scar fibers result in every increasing number of properly aligned fibers, improved movement dynamic and decreased loading of the joint. The number of visits to accomplish the remodeling can very depending on other underlying factors such as the acute or chronic nature of the complaint, pre-existing degeneration, age and overall health status. As scar tissue is remodeled, joint movement is improved and irritation and inflammation quickly diminish. While it may take several visits to complete the remodeling process, the vast majority of our patients notice significant relief within the first 1-3 visits.

If you are feeling "outta place" contact our office immediately. We'll get you in ASAP!

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