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Why you need a "Good Core"

Bodybuilders will tell you.. (actually they will shout) that you need to work "that core". (and then they growl, Rrrrrr!) They are actually talking about strengthing your stomach muscles, and the other muscles that surround your midsection. Even if you aren't a body builder you still need to maintain, "a tight core".

Your core helps you bend over and pick up grocery bags off the floor, and they allow you to snatch up your toddler when they come running to you. They also do something very important that most of us don't even consider. Your core keeps your thoracic spine in line.

Do you keep, "throwing your back out?" Are you constantly feeling pain in between your shoulder blades, or a "pinch" in your ribs? It may be caused by a misaligned spine, and the lack of core muscles in your body. How do we fix that? With exercise! Now before you start running away from me, hold on a second. You don't have to go through a "hard core" workout to get a "hard core". Doing a couple of simple exercises three times a week can strengthen your core, and keep your back in line too.

I would go through what type of exercises you should do right now, but it's more important that you do that when you have more time to actually look into the exercises, so let's say, tomorrow, go on Google, and look up this phrase: Strengthen your core muscles. You will find many great web sites that offer great core exercises. There are several parts of the core, shown below, make sure you work each part of the midsection for best core strength.

Images of your Core

At Integrated Spinal Solutions, we not only offer the latest in chiropractic care, we also have some of the best personal trainers in Reno working right here in our clinic. Our trainers can work with you to strengthen your core muscles, or they can teach you what to do at home.

Yes, you will feel better once you have a better core. Your pants will fit better, and you'll look better too. The added health benefits outnumber the pain and hassle of exercising. So keep your spine in shape, but looking to the core.

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Call about your Core

If you are looking at this web page, you must have a problem with your core muscles. Let's tighten them up together. Call our Reno office anytime, day or night

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