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Treating Bulging Discs with Decompression

I am not a paid spokeman for decompression, but I was a patient, and I know what it did for me. If you are experiencing low back pain, or neck pain, there is a new medical procedure available now that can fix you good as new. It's called ABS Spinal Decompression.

Understanding Why Decompression Therapy is so Effective in the Treatment of Bulging Discs

In this image you can see where the spinal discs are locked between vertebrae. These discs act like little spacers between the bones. These spaces allow nerves to weave in and out of the spinal column. When you have a bulging or herniated disc, the nerve ending is closed off.
A spinal discs has an inner gel-like substance called the nucleus pulposus, which is surrounded by an outer annual ring (Figure 2). The annual ring consists of fibrocartilage and fibrous tissue held together by type 1 collagen.
A weakness in the annular ring, such as a tear of fissure (Figure 3) may allow the gel-like substance to expand beyond its normal boundary resulting in a bulge (Figure 4). Since the disc is under constant pressure the disc bulge usually gets bigger over time.
Decompression Therapy decreases the pressure within the disc through distraction of the adjacent vertebrae.
Repeated distraction creates a vacuum effect which draw the nucleus pulposus (The inner gel-like substance) back to center. Retraction of the nucleus allow the annular tears to heal. Over time, the nucleus is contained and the bulge is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated.

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