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that slowly & gently separates the vertebrae of the neck.
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Chiropractic Patient Information

Additional Therapies for Degenerative Arthritis

Hazards of regular use of NSAIDs

Some NSAIDs may inhibit proteoglycan synthesis,1 2 diminish joint perfusion and accelerate joint space loss,3 and are related to acetabular bone destruction.4 These findings have called into question the liberal use of these drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis.5 read more about NSAIDs...

Proper nutrition to help your body heal faster after musculoskeletal trauma

In recent years, increasing numbers of people of all ages have been heeding their health professionals' advice to get active for all of the health benefits exercise has to offer. read more about nutrition and chiropractic..

Comparative Analysis

The item-by-item comparison of tradition medical treatments and chiropractic alternatives. This Reno Nevada Doctors explains.. read more...

Integated Spinal Solutions - Terms of acceptance

Patient Will Truthfully and Fully Disclose Health Status and History

I hereby state that all information that I hereby give Integrated Spinal Solutions, pc and/or it’s staff will be complete and truthful. I will not misrepresent my presence, nature, severity or cause of my injuries. read more about agreement...

Supraspinatus Impingement Syndrome This

This is a very common condition that results in chronic nearly constant pain to the region between the shoulder and the base of the neck. read more about neck pain...

Phases of Recovery

Each aspect of your care is designed to remove “door stops” that prevent you from attaining a functional recovery. Long standing adhesions (scar tissue) in ligaments and muscle set the stage for adaptations and degenerative changes to your joints. read more about healing process...

Chondromalacia Patellae

Chondromalacia patellae (also known as CMP) is inflammation of the underside of the patella. While it often affects young individuals engaged in active sports it can also afflict older adults who overwork their knees. read more about knee repair...

About Lumber Decompression

Lower back pain can be corrected with a new technique called spinal decompression. This link covers some of the commonly asked questions most patients have concerning Internal Disc Decompression (IDD) Therapy. read more about low back pain and treatment...

Multifidus The Forgotten Multifidus Muscles

The Multifidus is a group of muscles that extend nearly the entire length of the spine. The Multifidus muscles help to take pressure off the vertebral discs so that our body weight can be well distributed along the spine. read more about core muscles...

Facets a cause of neck and lower back pain

What are the facet joints?

The facet joints lie on the side of the spine. A pair of these joints can be found at each of the 32 motion segments in the human spine. read more about injuries to facets...

Effects of Cervical Hypolordosis

Cervical Hypolordosis refers to a shifting of the head forward from where it should normally be. read more about neck pain...

Ultrasound Therapy

Different Specialists utilize Ultrasound at varying power outputs for a variety of applications. An OBGYN may apply it for imaging purposes. read more about chiropractic therapies...

The Core Muscle

The Core muscles provide support and protection to the vertebrae, discs and spinal cord. Not only is it important to strengthen these muscles but the order that they fire is critical to distributing the load correctly. read more about your core...

What is an Adjustment Accomplishing

First and foremost the idea of "Bones out of place" is an outdated concept in the chiropractic profession. The spine is composed of 24 individual segments and is dynamic in nature, meaning it is designed to move. read more about chiropractic...

Understanding Why Decompression Therapy is so Effective in the Treatment of Bulging Discs

Discs are located between vertebrae. Spinal discs act as spacers, allowing nerve roots to exit from between adjecent vertebrae. read more about decompression...

Tighten Up Your Core!
You will live a longer and happier life if you just exercise. You know it's true, and you do have time. Our new fitness center makes it easy and fun to get in shape ...read more
Book A Full Body Massage
I’m certified in thirteen different massage modalities, however I specialize in structural, deep tissue massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage ...read more

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