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Multifidus - Core Muscles

There are a lot of muscles in your body, and if you choose not to go to the gym, that's up to you. But you should know, that not exercising your "core" can actually cause your back to go out.

You know you have "abs". But what you may not know, is that some of them are called "Multifidus" muscles.

The Multifidus core, is a group of muscles that extend nearly the entire length of the spine. The Multifidus muscles help to take pressure off the vertebral discs so that our body weight can be well distributed along the spine. Studies have shown that the Multifidus muscles get activated BEFORE any action is carried out thus protecting our spine from injury.

In recent years, many studies have been carried out to identify the relationship between back pain and Multifidus . One such study was published in 2002 in the European Spine Journal. The results showed that low back pain subjects, especially those with chronic pain, displayed significantly smaller Multifidus muscle activity as compared to healthy subjects during the coordination exercises, indicating that over the long term, back pain patients have a reduced ability to voluntarily recruit the Multifidus muscles in order to maintain a neutral spine position.

Patients that did little to no strength exercises had significantly lower Multifidus muscle activity as compared to healthy subjects. Possible explanations for this finding could be due to pain, pain avoidance and de-conditioning leading to reduced Multifidus activity. Hence, as you can imagine, when Multifidus function is poor, one will be more susceptible to back injuries.

Another interesting fact about the multifidus muscles is that each tiny muscle is “segmentally innervated”, meaning that it receives its nerve supply from only one spinal nerve. This is different from other muscles that receive their nerve supply from multiple levels.

Absent this redundancy, damage to a single spinal segment can have a dramatic effect on how each tiny multifidus muscle functions.
Lacking stabilization, the joints, disc and vertebrae are subject to excessive stress; this results in inflammation, fibrosing / scarring and premature wear / arthritis.
Chiropractic adjustments disrupt the joint restrictions thus restoring mobility to the spinal segments. This then sets the stage for the patient to begin a Rehabilitation program to reactivate the multifidus muscles.
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