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Thank you so much for choosing Integrated Spinal Solutions for your chiropractic care. We have a wonderful staff working with us at both locations, you can see a list of them below.
Call this Reno's state of the art chiropractic clinic - Integrated Spinal Solutions today. We'll have you feeling like a million dollars in no time.

  • Dr. Welch, Chiropractor

    Dr. Daniel Welch
    Chiropractor, South Clinic

    If you are one of the many people suffering with back pain, contact Dr. Welch at the Longley Lane Clinic.
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  • Dr. Martinez, Chiropractor

    Dr. Xavier Martinez
    Chiropractor, Caughlin Ranch

    Dr. Martinez is one of the managing partners of Integrated Spinal Solutions in Caughlin Ranch. He has more than 20 years experience treating...
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  • Dr. Riley, Chiropractor

    Dr. Nicolas Riley
    Chiropractor- Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Riley is currently practicing at both the Longley Lane, and the Caughlin Ranch Clinics...
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  • Dr. Kimberly Nelson - a  Reno Chiropractor

    Dr. Kimberly Nelson
    Chiropractor - Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Nelson practices with Integrated Spinal Solutions at all of our clinics. She utilizes many chiropractic
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  • Dr. Julia Miller, Reno Chiropractor

    Dr. Julia Miller
    Chiropractor - Reno, Nevada

    Chronic pain patients ask for Dr. Miller. She is a long time chiropractor with lots of personal experience...
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  • Dr. Julia Miller, Reno Chiropractor

    Dr. Wayne Cissell
    Chiropractor - Reno, Nevada

    We would like to recommend our newest addition to the Integrated Spinal Solutions family, a doctor with years of experience from...
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  • Personal Trainer Jonathon Price

    Jonathan Price - CSCS & CES
    Reno, Nevada

    Give me 28 days, and I will change your life! This physical trainer can show you how to lower your cholestrol, and your blood pressure by...
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  • Sheila Bertrand - Reno Physical Therapist

    Sheila Bertrand - Phy. Therapist
    Reno, Nevada

    Sheila is originally from Pennsylvania. While in High School she went on a field trip to the local hospital where she was introduced to each medical specialty. The one that fascinated her the most was physical therapy...
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  • Personal Trainer Brian Thurston, Reno Chiropractor

    Brian Thurston
    PT Personal Trainer

    You can't feel your best until you get your body into shape. Without proper core muscles you can't keep your spine straight.
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  • Angelique Callegari, Reno Massage Therapist

    Angelique Callegari
    Massage Therapist

    Relax, unwind, give your tired muscles a break. Angelique Callegari is available for massage at our Longley Lane... 
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  • Tayra Dunn, Patient Care Coordinator

    Tayra Dunn
    Patient Care Coordinator

    If you would like to make an appointment with a chiroprator at our Caughlin Ranch clinic, contact Tayra Dunn for appointment. 
  • Rachel Zirbes, Patient Care Coordinator

    Rachel Zirbes
    Patient Care Coordinator

    If you want to make an appointment with Dr. Welch or Riley, contact Rachel at the Longley Lane clinic for an appointment.
  • K. Stott, Reno Chiropractic Office Staff

    K. Stott
    Chiropractor Office Staff
    South Reno

  • C Stott, Reno Chiropractic Office Staff

    C. Stott
    Chiropractor Office Staff
    Caughlin Ranch

We Offer Personal Trainers
Our chiropractic therapy includes physical fitness. To make it easy we have opened our own fitness center in both chiropractic more
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