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Angelique Callegari, LMT

Hi!, My name is Angelique Callegari, a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in Reno. I am available for massage on the South side of town at Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno off Longley Lane.

Below you'll find the massage options available to you, and the price for each service offered.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Longley clinic, or in case of emergency, you can use the cell number below.


From the center of town, take 395 south towards Carson City. Exit on S. Virginia St which is (EXIT #63). Turn LEFT onto S. McCarran Blvd. Then onto Longley Ln.


OFFICE: 775.829.8686
CELL: 775.722.1885


INJURY MASSAGE - $70 for a 60 minute massage / $100 for 90 minutes.
*Specific protocols can be created in conjunction with chiropractic services.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - $70 for a 60 minute massage / $100 for 90minutes
*30 minute service is area specific not full body

SPORTS THERAPY - $70 for a 6o minute massage / $100 for 90minutes
For athletes, this massage is geared to enhance the tissue health, flexibility and overall function to the primary muscles.

NERVE MOBILIZATION - $70 for a 60 minute massage / $100 for 90 minutes
Releives chronic compression of the nerve plexus that feeds the neck, chest, arms and hands.

SWEDISH MASSAGE - $60 for a 60 minute massage / $90 for 90 minutes
A soft, melodic approach used to relax achy muscles, reduce stress and stimulate circulation.

REFLEXOLOGY - $60 for a 60minute treatment / $30 for 30 minutes
An ancient technique which works specific points of the feet and hands.

KINESIO TAPING - $5 in conjunction with massage / $15 taping alone
Kinesio Taping is designed to facilitate the bodys natural healing process while giving support and stability to muscles.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE - $65 for a 60 minute massage / $95 for 90 minutes
Creates deep relaxation for the body and the mind helping to ease the stresses of pregnancy.

INFANT/CHILD MASSAGE - $20 for 30 minute massage / $45 for 60 minutes
Relax a restless baby and enhance the growth of muscle tissue, and health of internal organ function.
*60 minute available for children over 10 years of age

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY - $65 for a 60 minute massage
Uses extremely light pressure to the head, face, neck and sacral region to aide in multiple dysfunctions within the body.

Reno Massage

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