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Shiela Bertrand P.T.

Sheila was born in Pennsylvania. When in High School she went on a field trip to the local hospital where she was introduced to each medical specialty. The one that fascinated her the most was physical therapy. She felt a calling in the idea of helping an injured person regain their physical freedom and independence.

This idea lead her to attend the University of Pittsburgh. While taking prerequisites for Physical Therapy School, she spent a great deal of time working with athletes. This shaped her interest further and lead her to add a Minor in athletic training to her major in Physical Therapy.

Sheila has been a licensed Physical Therapist now for 31 years. In that time she has seen her calling actualized in the helping of thousands of patients regain their health and freedom from their injuries.

I like to challenge myself mentally and think of each persons injury like a unique puzzle that is waiting to be solved. My job is to figure out how to get the missing pieces of the puzzle back into place to make the picture whole again.


From the center of town, take 395 south towards Carson City. Exit on S. Virginia St which is (EXIT #63). Turn LEFT onto S. McCarran Blvd. Then onto Longley Ln.


OFFICE: 775.829.8686
CELL: 775.722.1885

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