Dr. Julia Miller

Doctor of Chiropractic
Integrated Spinal Solutions
Reno, Nevada
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Our Chiropratic Doctors

Dr. Julia Miller
Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

(775) 828-9665
Julia Miller D.C. is a Reno chiropractic doctor at our Caughlin Ranch Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Miller says, "Chiropractic reduces spinal stress resulting in pain relief and improved function. When you can't schedule a time for an amazing adjustment, then use the Holographic Pain Discs created by Olympic Trainer John Schaeffer."

Dr. Julia MillerPREGNANCY ADJUSTMENTS? -- Gentle chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help control your feelings of nausea, reduce the length of time that it takes for labor, help reduce back pain and increase the likelihood of a very healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Miller's chiropractic goals are ...to be of service to others. ...to alleviate unnecessary suffering. ...to share the truth about the nature of real health. ...to help your children reach their fullest potential. ...others to know there's an alternative to drugs and surgery. ...to be an instrument of hope for others."

Though some believe that chiropractic care is intended to relieve neck and back pain, this form of therapy has more far-reaching benefits. A wide variety of health problems stem from spinal imbalance and dysfunction of the spinal joints and nervous system

Our other Doctors of Chiropractic
  • Dr. Wayne Cissell is a Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Wayne Cissell
    Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Wayne Cissell grew up in Kenai, AK. Early in high school he was inspired by his father to get an education and pursue his dream of helping people. In 2002, he graduated from the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College.
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  • Dr. Nicholas Riley, Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Nicolas Riley
    Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Riley is a very talented chiropractor. (Nick) can be found at both clinics (Longley Lane and Caughlin Ranch). He graduated from Western States Chiropractic College as Valedictorian...
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  • Dr. # is a Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Kimberly Nelson
    Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Nelson was born and raised in Reno. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she studied Community Health Science. It was during her undergraduate studies, while she worked as a...
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  • Dr. Xavier Martinez, Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Xavier Martinez
    Doctor, Integrated Spinal Solutions

    Dr. Martinez has been practising chiropractic care for the last 20 years. A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic...
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  • Dr. Daniel Welch, Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Daniel Welch
    Doctor of Chiropractic, Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Daniel Welch is one of the managing partners at Integrated Spinal Solutions. He and Dr. Martinez started the clinic...
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